10 Games You Can Play With Your Pet Rock

Meet "Rock"
Meet "Rock"
Meet “Rock”

1. Duck, Duck, ROCK!

This is a great game, that every child loves to play.  At our house we also like to play DUCK, Duck, TAPE!  Either one will get your point across.


2. Red Rover, Red Rover, Send ROCK right over.

Think of it this way…instead of broken arms, you’ll have cracked skulls, black eyes, or knocked out teeth. Which is better?


3.  Kick the ROCK.

This would be super fun to play with those who have steel toed boots.  Think about it….would it benefit them for the better or worse?  If they kicked the rock in the right place, would it allow the steel to smash their toes?  Things that make you go hmmmmmmm?!?!


4.  Truth or ROCK.

Instead of dare, you get hit with Rock.  If the others think you are lying about your truth….you get hit with Rock.  It’s a win, win situation.


5.  ROCK

Instead of the card game “SPOONS,” this one is with Rock and a few friends.  If you are the first one to go out, instead of quietly reaching for the spoon, you grab a rock and throw it at a teammate. Full football gear is allowed in this game.  How funny would that be?  10 people sitting around a table with a helmet and shoulder pads?  I’m liking this one…. a lot! (This could also work, with one of my families favorite games of PIT.)


6.   Spin the ROCK

This could get tricky.  However, I think it would be possible.  Grace, Libby…will you try this game out and report back to me?  Tell me how well it worked!


7.  ROCK Pond

Instead of the fishing pond, you put a rock on the end of their fishing pole string.  When they go to pull the string from the other side…to their surprise will be a rock attached to the end.  You could get a whole family of pet rocks playing this game.  Hope you brought your “cat like” reflexes for this one!


8.  Musical ROCK

A knock off of musical chairs.  Everyone is given a rock and a chair, when the music stops, and you are still standing…everyone gets to throw their rock at you.  Once again, baseball gloves and a helmet is permitted during play.


9.  Cake ROCK

The old cake walk game.  Instead of numbers, you walk on HUGE rocks.  I would space them super far apart, just so people would have to jump from rock to rock.  Maybe a broken ankle or banged noggin automatically gets to pick a cake.


10.  Pin the ROCK on the Donkey

In this case, we would need a lot of super glue.  If there is a person at the party that is annoying or obnoxious, you could accidentally trip, and pin your rock to their face!


So, in closing..I’m going to be super excited to play #5 at the next family get together.  Which one would you try out for me?  Come on……you know it will be fun! 🙂




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