2015 Weight Loss


Welcome to 2015!

If you are like many Americans, you have set your new years resolutions, and like many of us those resolutions probably have something to do with your appearance, your health, how you feel, your self-esteem etc.  It just so happens that these things and more probably have to do with those extra pounds you are carrying around.


Americans are the most overweight nation.

Nation                                    Percent of the population that is obese.

  • America                      34%
  • Mexico                        29%
  • New Zealand             26%
  • Australia                    25%
  • United Kingdom       24%
  • Canada                        24%
  • Ireland                        23%
  • Greece                         18%
  • Spain                            17%
  • Germany                      16%
  • Japan                            3%

Did you know that being overweight can reduce your life expectancy by 10% or more?  It also increases your cost of healthcare on average more than 25%.

Weight LossWell, Angel Monk wants to help.  That is why for the next 6 weeks, she has decided to have a little kick starter to help you achieve your weight goals and new years resolutions.  We all understand that the challenge of weight loss is motivation.  The motivation to eat right and the motivation to exercise.  Few things motivate like competition and money.  That is why Angel is having a 6 week weight loss competition.  This competition is for those people that want to join a money pool and the top three winners split the the pool winnings at the end of 6 weeks.  No the pool is NOT split equally, the winner will win most of it, the second, not so much and the third place will win some.




Here are the rules:

  1. Contest begins Saturday January 10 at High Noon.
  2. $20 to join.  Paypal $20 to steve@simplewebsites.com if you would like to join. Keep your e-mail receipt for payment.
  3. On the morning of January 10, entrants will be sent instructions as to how to verify and document their starting weight and have the weight witnessed.
  4. Weight will be rounded to 1/10th of a pound.  (25.255 pounds is 25.3)
  5. Contest will end Saturday February 21st.  Final weight in and total weight loss submission must be verified before Noon.
  6. The pool will be split as follows: Greatest percentage of weightloss: 1st: 60% of the pool, 2nd 25% of the pool, 3rd 15% of the pool.
  7. Anyone that over-does it and ends up in the hospital is automatically disqualified.  🙂


This is only a friendly competition to help some of us begin our health conscious journey to a healthier and happier body image and an overall state of well being.

So pony up your $20 and join the fun.  It may be the most effective money you can spend on losing those extra pounds.

For your convenience, here is a link to a percentage of weight loss calculator.


As of this introduction 1/5/15 the pool has five entrants for a pool of $100.00.

As of 1/9/2015 Pool has 9 contestants for a total pool of $180.00

As of 1/11/2015 pool has 10 contestants for a total pool of $200.00


***March 10 2015 UPDATE***

You can enter the contest after it begins, you will just have less time than those that start at the beginning of the contest.

When you send your money, you will be given instructions on how to officially mark your beginning weight.


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