Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall…….Down?


DISCLOSURE: I’m holding nothing back. My life is a journey, and by hell…y’all are going with me. Random Jouney #1538.

FACT: When your husband is in the Oil and Gas Trucking Industry, and your father-in-law is Chip Monk, you never limit yourself to just Oil and Gas hauling. Their job today was to get this unit from point A to point B.

40 Ton Boom Truck
40 Ton Boom Truck

FACT:  When I woke up this morning, I never thought I would be learning about the Cremation process. I can assure you again, I had no idea I would be writing a post about “The Cremation.” Shhhh. Hold that thought for just a few moments. I will answer all your questions momentarily.


FACT: If the deceased person had a pacemaker or other medical device, it will have to be removed to prevent an explosion. (I did not know this.)

FACT: The deceased does NOT have to be embalmed before the cremation unless the family wishes to have a public viewing. (News to me. Chloe wanted me to take a picture of that yucky cricket.)


FACT: Temperatures within the chamber reach between the 2000 – 2500 degrees F. (and I thought New Mexico was hot.)

FACT: Chloe and I picked the most beautiful sunflowers today between down times. (She’s adorable!)


 FACT: I may have know this person. (Probably not.)

Bertha? Is that you?
Bertha? Is that you?

FACT:  I looked at “retirement” properties, and really like this one. (Complete with his and her doorbells.)


FACT: Everyone dies. (That’s not a bad thing.)

I want to know: What are your thoughts on life after death? Is there Pepsi and Coke in Heaven? If you were cremated, where would you have your ashes spread? Would you trust your child with an Urn?  Have you ever seen the movie “Meet The Parents?”

To say the least, it was an very eventful day. I learned a lot, and got to spend some time with some of my favorite people.  You never know what your day is going to bring. Like George Strait sings……

“I ain’t here for a long time

I’m here for a good time

So bring on the sunshine

To hell with the red wine

Pour me some moon shine

When I’m gone put it in stone he left nothing behind

I ain’t here for a long time

I’m here for a good time”


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