B.Y.O.T. = Bring Your Own Tissue


Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s only Tuesday and I am already wishing it was Friday.  I’m not going to blame the time change, because I like to gain things….especially an extra hour of sleep.  I will blame it on the weather.  Fall is cold, crisp, and in one of my previous lives….I will almost guarantee I hibernated all winter.  However, in this life I’m not, so let’s face the facts and move on. Thanks to my recent trip to Albuquerque, I picked up a book called: 1339 Quite Interesting Fact to Make Your Jaw Drop. I have not read the whole book, but for blog purposes, I have picked my favorite top ten interesting facts.  Here we go!

Good Reads
Good Reads

10.  In the USA, ransom payments to kidnappers are tax- deductible.

Well hell!  Why would anyone want it any other way?  I mean, it seems legit.

9.  When Menelik II, emperor of Ethiopia, felt unwell, he would eat a few pages of his Bible.

This is funny to me.  I can just imagine what it sounded like when he had a headache. “Honey, come to bed.” His old lady would say. ” Ok dear, I’m just finishing up this chapter of Joshua. I’m feeling much better by the way!”

8.  “Son-of-a-bitch stew” was a cowboy dish made from the internal organs of a whole cow and an onion.

Honestly, I think that name does this stew zero justice!  I think it should be called: Shut-up-and-eat-the-mother-&%*I#-stew-because-it-will-put-some-hair-on-your-arse!  Maybe I’m wrong.  I bet that added onion makes everything better. NOT.

7.  Trees over 110 yards tall stop growing leaves.

A.  Who figured this out?  B.  What makes 110 the magic number?  I bet it was figured out when someone was passed out drunk, in the mountains, by himself,  and did nothing, but stare at a tree for 6  hours.  Then when he sobered up, he thought it would be a good idea to research it.  And by research, I mean two trees.  I don’t know.  Next time you see a tree 110 yards tall, stop and see if it has leaves or no leaves…then report back. 🙂

6.  No more than two flies are allowed by law, in any public toilet in China.

This is neat and all, but who gives the third fly the ticket?  “Excuse me, Mr. Fly?  You are under arrest for being the third fly in this toilet.  You have the right to remain silent.” or “Flying license and registration, please.”  or “Can you just regurgitate that shit you just ate on this X here, then you are free to go.”

5.  Turning up the music in a bar by 22% makes people drink 26% faster.

So does turning to music up 69%  make people drink 74% faster? Again, I need someone to try this out.

4.  Every winter on Uranus lasts 42 years.

Or one winter in Utah.  I bet they are pretty close!

3.  Squirrels forget where they’ve buried three-quarters of their nuts.

This is a good one too.  I can hear it now.  Mr. Squirrel:  Babe, do you know where I put my nuts?  Mrs. Squirrel: Yeah.  They are in my purse!

2.  The most expensive coffee in the world is made from the dung of Thai elephants.

Puts a whole new meaning to “This coffee tastes like shit.”   And here is my personal favorite!

1.  Because opossums have a forked “wiener” early naturalist thought males mated with the females opossums nose.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Alright, I’m sorry.  That is four minutes of your life you will never get back.  Let’s look on the bright side…you  now have 10 useless trivia, that you may or may not use one day.  Which one was your favorite?  Did you know any of these before today?  Be honest!


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