Clowning Around or Genuine Fear?


This past Labor Day weekend. My family, and extended family spent the weekend in the mountains. One night as we were sitting around the campfire, the spooky stories began. I don’t know why, but clowns and cherubs always come up in these stories.

Campfire Love
Campfire Love

Everyone remembers the classic Poltergeist movie. The house was buried on a cemetery, and there is a scary clown that pops out from under the bed. If anyone continues to watch that movie from this point on, they are crazy. Yes, I watched the movie, not only once….but probably ten or more times.  That’s only because my older sister would turn it on, while her and her boyfriend would make-out behind me. HA! Anyhow, it was at this point in my life, I started getting the creeps towards clowns.

Did you know?

It is said that The Poltergeist Movie Curse was alive and well for about six years.

  • 1982: Dominique Dunn who played the older sister in the movie was murdered by her ex-lover shortly after the film’s release. No, she was not killed on set.
  • 1985: Julian Beck who played the “bad spirit” in Poltergeist II, died of stomach cancer.
  • 1987: Will Sampson who played the “good spirit”in Poltergeist II, died after receiving a heart-lung transplant. Will was also known as the tall ‘mute’ Indian in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest.
  • 1988: the young girl in all three movies was played by Heather O’Rourke. She died of a septic infection due to a bowel blockage. Originally it was thought she had the flu, within 24 hours she died on the operating table.

To make things worse, my Mom wallpapered an entire room with creepy clowns. The room she wallpapered also happened to be in our basement. I’m not 100% sure, but I do believe clowns are the Devil. I also tend to believe the house I grew up in, was also built on some kind of ancient burial ground.  I have family members who have had experienced someone or something from another dimension. At the age of 21, I also experienced something supernatural. While sleeping in my parents basement, I heard the most evil, demonic voice I have ever heard. I can still hear it to this day. I also remember going and getting in bed with my Mom and Dad, because I was so scared. Yes, I was 21. Yes, I was sleeping with my parents. Yes, I think my Dad knew what was going on. He always blamed the “little people.” I know who the little people are. They are CLOWNS and CHERUBS! 

This glow in the dark cherub sits on my Ma's kitchen counter.
This glow in the dark cherub sits on my Ma’s kitchen counter.

As Fall and Halloween slowly approach us, my question to you… Are clowns creepy or sweet? Be honest. Do you believe in ‘good’ and ‘evil’ spirits? Would you ever consider Dining With the Dead? What’s that you ask? I’m not sure, but I bought two tickets today to attend. On the ticket it says “You are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes, bring a flashlight and a light portable chair if you wish to sit.” I’m asking myself..if I’m to wear comfortable shoes, are they to run with? Hell YEAH I’m going to bring a flashlight!! Lastly, why would anyone want to sit? By the way…dinner is to be served in our local cemetery, while “actors” dressed in zombie clothing are somewhere in the same cemetery.


I’d like to invite anyone who would like to go with us. I will just tell everyone now, I may or may not be wearing Depends. Don’t judge! Let the fun begin!

Do you believe in spooks? Have you ever seen a ghost or spirit? Have you ever been so scared that you weren’t able to move? Does anyone have a scary dream that you keep dreaming over and over? What do you think it means? Tell me what you got. 🙂




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