Don’t Judge.

Don't Judge
Gypsy Soul

In my past life, I’m sure I was….

Okay, we have talked about what I want to be in my next life. However, we haven’t talked about what I was in my past lives.  This is where the “don’t judge”  part comes in.  HA!

1. Gypsy

Gypsy Soul
Gypsy Soul

I am 165% sure I was a gypsy in a past life.  Every few months, I get the urge for change.  It’s just not small changes…they are rather big.  I joke around with Chris, that when we retire (doubt that will ever happen) we will sell everything we own, and just move from place to place every six months.  We will just rent a furnished apartment.  Think about it.  New places, new people, new experiences.  I get so happy just thinking about it.  I love everything about being a gypsy.  From their clothing, to their jewelry, to their traveling homes.  I can feel the winds of change coming on.  I usually have to confide in my sister, Michelle, and she can talk me down.  Thank you, Michelle. 🙂


I could spend all day in these rooms. WHICH………..

Brings me to another past life.  Maybe it was the same past life…IDK.


2.  Old West Performer

Don’t judge.  HAHA!

11-7-2014 4-12-05 PM

I love old west ghost towns, saloons, old trains, the thought of gun fights.  It’s like I’m connected somehow.  Silverton, Colorado is a perfect example.  I love just being there.  I enjoy chuck wagon dinners like the Bar D and feel like I fit right in.

11-7-2014 4-10-58 PM

What were you in your past life?  Do you believe in life after death?  What time era do you belong in? This is a judge free zone!  No hold backs.  🙂


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