Don’t Judge

The Purse

Did you ever try to get into your Mom’s purse, and did you get busted in the process?

Everyone knows not to go through a ladies purse.  It has been taught to use since we were little.  What does she have in there?  Dead bodies?  New toys for us?  Unicorns that poop rainbows?  Whatever it was…it was B I G, to get into so much trouble trying to see what she had.  I know my Mom is much cooler than I am, but this is all I got in my purse.

The Purse
The Purse








This is my hand-me-down purse from my Mother-In-Law.  She had the coolest purse collection, but she will only use each purse once.  So,  if you are lucky enough to get one of her hand-me-downs, you just won…big time.  I actually picked this purse out for her, when she sent me to the store with her credit card, that’s a whole other post.  We will go there later!  ANYHOW……


Lets start with the big stuff first.  Here we have:

  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 2015 planner
  • business card to Bad Girl Bail Bonds
  • business card to Waffle Love
  • assorted appointment reminder cards
  • toy top from the dentist
  • zip lock bag of change
  • pricing sheet for old time photos
Bottom Layer
Bottom Layer



Next we have:

  • a “to-go” wallet
  • a yellow wallet
  • a 6′ measuring tape
  • a pack of gum
  • $29 bucks
  • small notepad
  • old receipts
  • reading glasses
Middle Layer
Middle Layer



From the pockets we have:

  • 8 pens
  • 3 chapsticks
  • spare set of car keys
  • spare house key
  • travel tube of Dramamine
  • travel tube of Pepto
  • assorted first aid supplies
  • travel tube of Aleve
  • travel tube of Tylenol
  • 1 blue pill bottle with Tums and Pepcid AC
  • 2 checkbooks
  • check register
From The Pockets
From The Pockets


That’s all I got.  No unicorns.  No toys.  I got a whole lot of nothing.  Any of you fella’s out there carry a European Shoulder Bag?  How about a fanny pack?  I would love to see what they guys carry around with them.  Come on now….come clean.  This is a judge free zone, so feel free to share!  🙂


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