Exploring Moab Utah


Exploring Moab Utah

Moab is a city on the southern edge of Grand County in southeastern Utah in the western United States. The word “Moab” comes from an ancient Biblical kingdom. We don’t get that fancy.  We simply call it Moab for what it is. Awesome views, a great deal of outdoor adventures, and a place where Chris and I had our “first date!” (Insert “AWE” sound here)

Moab is a great place for a quick getaway. It’s accommodating for families, mountain bikers, side by side goers, and jeeping. Lets not forget Moab is the home of Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  Known as the mountain bike mecca, Slickrock Bike Trail is one of the most technically challenging bike trails in the world. Hell’s Revenge 4 x 4 Trail consists of six and a half mile roller coaster ride across the slickrock fins east of town.  It states that it is extremely difficult, and recommended only for very experienced drivers with advanced equipment. I didn’t know this last weekend when I sent my 16 year old daughter out with Isa (our cute neighbor) in a stock RZR 800. Trust me…there were some butt puckering moments. Needless to say, Elle rocked Hell’s Revenge and Isa was a great sport!

There’s also a RAD little business north of Moab.  One of my new favorite places to go.  It’s called:

Skydive Moab



Because peeing your pants from sneezing, coughing, running (we learned this in yesterday’s post) isn’t enough.  Go ahead and jump out of a perfectly good airplane. We did this in November 2019.  It was nothing like I expected it to be.  The drop in your gut feeling you get when you’re on a roller coaster…not there!  It was definitely something that you should do once in your life.  Luckily, I had two other major rock-stars to jump with me.  My daughter, Meagan and my nephew, Gabe! We automatically became the three best friends that anyone could have! And we will never, never, ever leave each other!

Another MUST is Dead Horse Point! It is a bit out of town, but it is worth the drive.  From the prominence of Dead Horse Point, 2,000 feet above a gooseneck in the Colorado River, an ever-changing landscape unfurls. Immense vertical cliffs meet with canyons carved by ice, water, and wind creating a visual masterpiece.


I want to know some of your favorite travel destinations.  Why do you love it?  Would you go back for a return visit?

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