What Are Your Go To Apps?

I have a bunch of apps. Let's compare notes.



Good Afternoon, Friends!  Let’s talk apps.  I’m curious which apps you love, and which apps are a waste of money.  In no particular order…here are a few of my favorite ones!

  • Amazon  I mean, come on now!  Who doesn’t like Amazon. Especially when all the stores are closed and retail therapy is just a blissful memory.
  • Etsy Another fancy word for retail therapy.  What is better than supporting crafters everywhere?
  • Venmo  What did we do before Venmo?  There was PayPal, just not as cool.  I like to leave random pictures in the comment box.  Here is your warning if I ever Venmo you.
  • Relax Melodies  This app is worth its weight in GOLD!  I cannot even begin to tell you how many sleepless nights have ended because of this app. I have an eight year old daughter who wants to listen to this as we drive in the car.  Tempting, but..no thanks.
  • DoorDash  Who doesn’t love breakfast, lunch, or dinner delivered to your door? I found that is you purchase the DashPass, it helps keep delivery charges down.
  • Grove  Collaborative  If you go through a lot of cleaning supplies, this app is for you.  It’s a free monthly shipment of natural household and personal care products.  You can purchase monthly, bi-monthly, or skip shipments at any time.  HUGE bonus now that Target isn’t as accessible as it was.
  • Greenlight  Seriously, whoever invented this is genius!  It’s a personalized debit card for you kids.  I get a ding on my phone every time one of my kiddos purchase anything!  I love it….they hate it! I can add money to their debit card in seconds.  It has a handy chore/allowance feature that is beyond awesome! If you have kids….highly recommend!
  • PictureThis  If you don’t have a green thumb, this app will help you find it.  I’m relatively new to this app.  However, I have already diagnosed one of my ferns with over-watering.  If you don’t garden or have house plants….go ahead and skip this app.
  • Hill Climb 2  This is a good “time filler” app.  My kids love to play if we are waiting for an appointment, or in line at the bank.  Nothing is more satisfying than hearing little slot machine dings for every coin that is collected.  Then you get to spend those coins on upgrades for your vehicle. Boo-yeah!

These are just a few of my favorite apps.  What app can you not live without?  I’m seriously up for anything that makes life easier!

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