This Post Is Gonna Be Phat!

Mustard Seed!

Hello! I'm sure 99.99999% of you thought I had died.  I have not. I am here.  Sometimes life throws some really sketchy curve balls.  I...

Amazon Or Bust

I thought I would share one of my favorite places to be, for many reasons.  This is my kitchen.  To me when we are...
Mom's Favorite

It’s No Secret! I’m My Mom’s Favorite Child!

There! I said it, it really was no secret.  All my brothers and sisters already knew.  There has always been a special place in...

Dear Senior Citizen Self,

Dear Old Lady Ainge, Listen here lady.... go get a face lift. You look like hell!  Quit driving your kids crazy!  Get your shit packed...

And This Little Piggy…..Ewwwww!

Alright.  I HATE, HATE, H A T E feet.  I hate the way they smell.  I hate the way they look.  I hate the...

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall…….Down?

DISCLOSURE: I'm holding nothing back. My life is a journey, and by hell...y'all are going with me. Random Jouney #1538. FACT: When your husband is in...

Are You Ready?

Nothing On But The Radio

It's official.  George Strait has retired, so Gary Allan is my new man. Ok. Ok. These are really big words for me.  Let me give...

2015 Weight Loss

Welcome to 2015! If you are like many Americans, you have set your new years resolutions, and like many of us those resolutions probably have...

Please pass the jam, by damn!

Pina Colada Jam Today has been a hella long day.  This may sound stupid, but Wednesday is cleaning day, only because the house cleaners come...
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Tradition! Tradition!

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