I Heart Waffles!





There!  I said it.  I love waffles.  I will eat a burnt waffle, a doughy waffle, a waffle with just syrup, and lastly a waffle with no butter.  There is only one kind of waffle I will eat with no butter.  That would be a Waffle Love waffle. Only the BEST waffle EVER….and trust me, I know my waffles and I know my sugar cookies.  They look like this:

Waffle Love Food Truck
Waffle Love Food Truck


They actually make their waffles out of dough.  Almost like bread dough, not the runny waffle batter most folks use.  They have the most amazing crisp outer shell of the waffle.  No sog on this bad boy!  They are covered in your choice of toppings.  Here we have fresh peaches, strawberries, raspberries, whip cream, and a “cookie butter” type topping.

Waffle Love..LOVE!
Waffle Love..LOVE!


They also have a shop in Provo, Utah.  I was lucky enough to eat there last month when I was visiting my family.  If I lived in Utah, I would eat there everyday.  Instead of Jared (the Subway Sandwich mascot) I would be Angel (the Waffle Love Mascot) I would probably gain a little weight, but it would be worth every waffle loving pound.  They also have a food truck in Arizona.  So, here is my desperate attempt to get them to start a truck in New Mexico.

Yes. Please!
Yes. Please!

Dear Owner of the Best Waffles in the World,

Please, please start a waffle truck in New Mexico.  I would love to drive it for you.  I would make waffles 24/7.  I would eat, sleep, and dream waffles.  I have two daughters (22, 20) who would make the hot steamy goodness with me.  3 chicks on a truck.  How awesome would that be?  We live close enough to Durango, Colorado we could make a day trip up there too.  Come on…what does a person have to do to get a truck here?  My mouth is watering.  My belly is aching.  My heart is hurting.  Please have your people call my people.  We can make this happen….trust me. 

Your Future Business Partner,

A. Monk

Let’s get this post going!  Let’s see if we can get a response.  Huge shout out to Dayna…for the pictures. 


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