I’m Thankful For…..


Hi, I am a guest blogger today. Can you guess who I am?  I will give you a guess I am Angel’s 3rd child.  Ok, as you can guess…  today is about (drum roll ) Elf on the Shelf and some other stuff.   So to refresh your mind my Elf on the Shelf ‘s name is “G” for short.





Today, I got a Elf Pet reindeer. Her name is Mabel A. Monk .  She does not watch from a shelf .  She is needed for her magic, because her Christmas sprit is needed to make the sleigh soar .





I can’t wait for G to come see me, I miss her .  If you don’t have a Elf on the Shelf you should get one they are so, so adorable…  plus – you can get little clothes for them.








There are so many more outfits.. like a jacket, skates, scarves and much much more .  Ok, I am Elle Lee Monk, I am 10 years old, and I approve this message.

(I think my Mom should give one of these away.  What do you think?)


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