Jocey’s Bucket List!!


Hi! It’s me Jocey again!! Mom has a yucky cold and forced me to blog against my will! Hahaha Jk. She asked me nicely! So! I was thinking we should talk about bucket lists! Cool, huh?! I have a good deal on my bucket list yet to do seeing as I am only 22 but I will share a few of the things I have to cross off my list! I mean, I already met Gary Allan so… Now I gotta start on the rest of my list! Share a few items on your bucket list in the comments below!


1. Go to Ireland!


I have always had a fascination with Ireland. I love the history and the old castles! The pictures I have seen of the countryside look just breathtaking! Also, who doesn’t love that accent? That would be a cool thing to pick up while I’m there!

2. Have free reign on a closed course with a really fast car!


I would love to learn how to e-break slide and do all sorts of cool car stunts! Once, my mom let me drive her Camaro down an old straight away by our house and it was awesome!  I also would love to drive a big ol pick up truck whenever I move into the mountains!

3.  Design and build my own house!


When I was little I used to go to open houses and house shows with my family. These houses were so EXTRAVAGANT! I remember there was one we went to on the top of this nice hill somewhere in Utah and it had a relaxing little babbling brook running right through it! How cool?! So, if I had the money and the resources I would build my own house! BUT, I would make mine an off the grid type living situation! Solar powered, dig a well, use propane or natural gas, have wood stoves EVERYWHERE. A nice cabin in the mountains with giant wood pillars and antlers used in all the fixtures and lots of windows!!

4. Learn to ski like a pro!


I have loved skiing ever since I was in high school. I wasn’t able to ski last winter due to being pregnant, but I can’t wait to get out there again! I used to be a pretty good skier, I mean I only ran into A FEW trees! 😉  I would like to learn some cool tricks and stuff!

5. Survive my daughters graduation and departure to college with less than, um, 20 breakdowns!

Yep. That’s my cutie!

My baby girl, Alli, is 6 months old and I can already tell I’m gonna be one of those emotional moms! I mean, I cried at Chloe’s first day of school, and I will probably cry when Zoë starts school! WHY DO THE LITTLE TURDS GOTTA GROW UP?! Scrud!

Don’t forget to share your bucket list!

Love y’all!

Jocey OUT!



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