Know Your Rights!

Alli Bear and Grandma singing Paint Your Wagon songs

DISCLAIMER:  Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.

Today I was lucky enough to spend most of my day at the San Marco State Adult Detention Center.  I was there supporting my son, George. Who now is a felon.  Yes, gave birth to a felon.  He’s working hard trying to make things right, and I just hope the punishment will fit the crime.  The little shit!

While I was there, I got to visit with some really nice people. Some awfully strange people.  During an in depth conversation with the bail bondsman, he asked me if I could name all my rights, from the Bill of Rights.  Sure thing!  I told him.  As I started, I thought I was bad ass. I’m going to show this guy that I’m the bomb dot com.  I rambled off Freedom of Speech, Right to Bear Arms, Right to Trial……crap! I know three out of ten. What the hell?  I suck at this game. He started laughing.  He told me, if you don’t remember anything from the Constitution, know your rights.  Guess what?  I know more than three of them now.  Take a minute and see how many you know.  How many did you get?  Here they are summed up.

  1. Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Petition
  2. Right to keep and bear arms
  3. Conditions for quarters of soldiers
  4. Right of search and seizure regulated
  5. Provisons concerning prosecution
  6. Right to a speedy trial, witnesses, etc
  7. Right to a trial by a jury
  8. Excessive bail, cruel punishment
  9. Rule of construction of Constitution
  10. Rights of the State under Constitution

Trust me. Know them. 🙂  This leads me to a Monk Bill of Rights.  I think it would be fun if every family had a set.  So, here goes nothing. HAHA

  1. Freedom to use such words as shit, damn, and hell in case of emergency only
  2. Right sleep in on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays…especially Christmas
  3. If sleeping quarters are messy, you have the right to clean said quarter or move in with Grandma (I better check with her first)
  4. Right to eat cold cereal anytime of the day with or without crunch berries (this is my favorite one)
  5. Rule of NO CELL PHONE during family meals…..ever
  6. Excessive loud singing or crazy dancing is acceptable at any and all times
  7. Mom has the right to make up any rule with or without notice (pro of 9 months of pregnancy, and 5 deliveries)
  8. If you love them, let them sleep..ALWAYS
  9. Love each other unconditionally
  10. Smile and have fun (happy people are healthy people)
Alli Bear and Grandma singing Paint Your Wagon songs
Alli Bear and Grandma singing Paint Your Wagon songs

What are some your favorite family Bill of Rights? I want to hear what you came up with.  Have you ever been to the Adult Detention Center? If you have, would you tell anyone?  I hope you all have a safe evening. Carry on! 🙂





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