My List of Ten Things, That Will Make You Live to 101 Years Old!


That’s right!  Who doesn’t want to live to the ripe old age of 101?  I want to, just for paybacks to my kids!  That’s right….I’m going to live with each and everyone of them!  And I will be the garbage lady tetris master!  WOOT!

Ready…..(in no particular order.)

1.  Hug someone everyday!

It doesn’t matter if it is a stranger on the street, your spouse, your kids, or your pet hamster.  Just do it! (Not to tight with the hamster.  He may not appreciate it.)  It releases endorphins, that we need.  Besides, who doesn’t love free hugs?



2.  Eat your veggies!

Your Mom wasn’t just talking to hear herself talk.  Studies show that eating your veggies, decrease your chances of cancer, help with heart health, and aid in digestion.  All very important stuff when you’re 101.  Besides, I want my diapers to be good and juicy for whoever is the lucky one changing them!




3.  Floss your teeth at least once a day!

If you don’t, that’s just gross.  Don’t be gross! Floss is BOSS!




4.  Keep a journal!

Ok. Ok.  I am guilty.  I used to keep a journal, when I was younger.  I haven’t kept one since at least the year 2000.  The last time my Mom came down to visit, she brought me one of her MANY journals to keep.  Let me just give you a insight of what a good kid I was.  This is the actual journal entry from her journal.

Sept. 25, 1982

“This Angel is such a character.  She did her own packing to come on the trip. (To Missouri from Utah) I didn’t check her suitcase, but asked her if she had panties, sox, shirts, pants, and of course..nighties.  She would grin slyly and say “yes.” Our first night out, she retired to the bath to dress for bed. She came out just a giggling.  There she stood in my night gown, that she had packed.  She wears my night gowns a lot, and loves them.  They are really wide over the shoulders.  I keep teasingly telling her to stop wearing my gowns, but she still wears them, more than she does hers, and she has a bunch!  She also loves to wear Michelle’s, or very large t-shirts.  Anything that fits VERY loose.”

Seems legit! Right?


5.  Write down three GOOD things that happen to you each day!

This seems easy, but when you go to write them down, you question yourself.  DON’T!  Don’t second guess yourself.  For example:

  1. I woke up, happy, and I am healthy.
  2. I enjoyed a wonderful dinner, with people I love.
  3. This year I will turn 40, and it’s going to be the best year yet!


(If you’re in the cool club, you will start singing the Coolio song, after you see the 1, 2, 3.  Are you in the cool club?)


6.  Get some sun!

It is a fact, that just five minutes in direct sunlight, will make you less stressed.  I believe it!  A couple of years ago, I was having some health issues with anemia.  My Dr. being the awesome guy he is, he wrote me an actual script for a convertible car….for Vitamin D intake.  Did it work?  Yes!  Could I tell a difference?  Yes!  Do I love the sun?  Yes!  Am I solar powered?  Yes!



7.  LAUGH!

This is so, so important!  It reminds me of the Mary Poppins song: I Love to Laugh!

I love to laugh
Loud and long and clear
I love to laugh
It’s getting worse ev’ry year

The more I laugh
The more I fill with glee
And the more the glee
The more I’m a merrier me
It’s embarrassing!
The more I’m a merrier me!

You can’t argue with Uncle Albert.  He knows his shit! 🙂



8.  Perform a R.A.C! (Random Act of Kindness)

Last week, I had a hair brained idea to hide two tickets to a Monster Truck show.  I thought, I’m not going to use them….surely someone could.  I posted on a local yard sale site on Facebook, just as a whim.  It turned out to be a ball.  I even had to go back to where I hid the tickets to watch the excitement.  I did another one on Saturday of last week, and we are doing one on Friday!  It makes my heart happy!

Picture 12



9.  Take a nap!

Every damn day!  Shut up, don’t argue.  It can be a 15 minute power nap, or a two hour comatose state.  Who cares?  You’re welcome!



10.  (Insert your best suggestion here!)

Be sure and post #10 in the comments below!  It will be fun! 🙂


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