Pick One!





We are going to do this by process of elimination.

First off, defiantly not a museum.  That would make me more crazy than I already am.  And trust me, that in itself would very difficult to do.  I can’t imagine looking at the same thing over and over and over, until the day I die. (Actually, I can. I’m married.)   Not to mention, the tour guides.  I picture her to be like Roz from Monsters, Inc.  “Always watching.”  In my best annoying tour guide voice.





Second, I would not, could not, should not live at a zoo.  Can you imagine the lingering smell of all the animals?

Stinky Animals
Stinky Animals

My daughter worked on Mackinac Island one summer.  When we went to visit, it’s an awesome place…..one you get over the horse crap smell.  There are only horse or bicycles allowed, so you can imagine the smell.  Even when she came home, her clothes smelled like crap, which made my washer and dryer smell like horse crap, which then made it possible to get a new set, and she took the old set with her when she moved.  Lucky me!

Mackinac Island, MI
Mackinac Island, MI

And…I’m not an animal lover. Unless, it’s on my plate…for dinner.


So, according to my calculations….that leaves the library for me to live in for the rest of my life.  I’m not a book reader, nor will I ever become one.  I would much rather get a third degree sunburn, than have to read a book from cover to cover.  I can skim through books,  I can look at the pictures, and if they have a computer at the library, I guess we will be okay.  The last book I read was 100 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know.  Trust me, nothing in the book “shocked” me.  Some people would say, I know everything.  They’re usually correct. HA! Just kidding. 😉


Another book I can’t wait to skim through is: Hyperbole and a Half



We bought this yesterday at the book store, and the lady that checked us out said that it’s a really funny book.  Has anyone read this?  What are you thoughts?

Out of the three choices, which one would you pick?  What two places would you add to the list?  A tropical island that it rained everyday or a huge city with sunshine 365 days a year?  Decisions, decisions…..


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