Taurophobia….and Much, Much, More Crap!


an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

Everyone has at least one.  If you don’t, you have a fear of admitting, and you should see someone about that. haha.  I asked a few family members to help me out with this. To those, Thank You.  Ready?  Here we go!


1. Meagan – age 20  Fear of the Dark = Achluphobia this can also be Coulrophobia = Fear of Clowns

I believe this.  Who hasn’t been afraid of the dark at one time in their life? Or clowns?  I hate those things!  She has had a ghost spirit or two that have follow her around.  Most of them have been friendly.


I Like the Nightlife...I Like to Boogie
I Like the Nightlife…I Like to Boogie

2. Shawn – age mid-life  Fear of Dancing or Not Having Rhythm = Arythmophobia

I can’t relate to this one.  I know I can’t dance, but usually when I am dancing I have my close friend Mr. Vodka there to help me out.  Maybe Shawn needs to take lessons from the Honey Badger….he don’t give a shit. 🙂


Fast Sunday
Fast Sunday

3.  Kelly – two years older than mid-life  Fear of Church = Ecclesiophobia

When asked what his #1 fear was, he replied with “Fast Sunday.”  Since he’s the only honest one of the bunch, maybe we should officially make up a word for this phobia.  For those who don’t know what Fast Sunday is, it is when you fast the evening meal Saturday night, continue fasting on Sunday morning, then AFTER church you get to break the fast with a meal.  I think we will call this nohungryphobia.  Don’t question me.  It works.



4.  Chantel – 5 years older than I  Fear of Large Waves = Kymophobia

Holy Smokes!  How could you not be afraid of this? Especially since she lives on the ocean! You can see the ocean from her front door.  She is so kind to post those ocean pictures, that I love…however, living in the desert sometime I wish I could live closer to water.  Then again….I’m good here.



5. Elle – age 10  Fear of Snakes = Ophidiophobia

Okay, okay. We may have a winner!  When I was little..probably four years old, we lived in Missouri.  While we lived there, I remember a snake coming down some kind of drain into the basement.  At four years old, that son of a bitch seemed H U G E.  My mom got a decorative extra large knife off the wall and chopped that snake.  I’m not really sure how big it actually was, but for story sakes…we will say 20 feet long.


I Can't See You
I Can’t See You

6.  Brandon – age in his 20’s  Fear of Going Blind or Blindness = Scotomaphobia

This is pretty legit!  When you get that random question..”would you rather be blind or deaf?”  I always stop and think.  Ummmm, neither…but if I had to choose, I would go with deaf.  (Actually, more so now that I’ve been married for 12+ years.)


Raging Bull
Raging Bull

7.  Steve – 10 years older than I  Fear of Bulls = Taurophobia

I can neither confirm or deny this….. However, when we were kids growing up, my Dad had the biggest, baddest, red bull named Abraham.  He looked mean to be, but I think it was all in the nose ring Abraham had.  Steve was a star hand in helping my Dad on the farm…so you put 2 + 2 together. haha.


Love You Guys
Love You Guys

8.  Angel – 10 years younger than Steve, 5 years younger than Chantel, much younger than Shawn and Kelly, Mom to Elle and Meagan, slightly older than Brandon  Fear of Insanity = Agateophobia

Can you blame me?  Look at these two crazies?  Enough said!


Some others that were sent to me were:

Fear of Dams

Fear of Not Having Kids

Fear of Germs

Fear of the Government


What is your #1 fear?  Don’t be scared….tell me in the comments!






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