Top 10 Gary Allan Songs You Might Not HAVE Heard!


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Why hello! It’s me Jocey, the oldest of Angel’s gaggle of children! Mom let me guest blog today… Yipeeeeee! Today we are going to talk about some of my favorite Gary Allan songs you might not have heard. 🙂

Besides the many of his “main stream” hits that frequently play on the radio, that are AMAZAZAZAZING, there are some that have a lot of meaning and emotions that often go unheard. These are my favorites (among many) that have molded who I am as a person. Listen to them and decide how these songs speak to you. Let me know in the comments which one(s) are your favorite! Enjoy!

Adobe Walls

This song is one of my favorites, it was actually my wedding song. It’s a song that reminds me that love speaks in multiple languages and can be found anywhere. It is easy on the ears!


Can’t Do It Today

To me this song reminds me that when people burn us, we don’t always have to be nice about it! If you are mad at some one, this is a great song to blow off some steam with. Along with my next choice…


Like I said, if you need to blow off some steam, this is also your song. This one is even more mad. Let me just say, IT IS OKAY TO BE MAD. If you always forgive right off the bat, I have found there is usually some residual anger later down the line… 9 times out of 10. So, let loose. Let some anger out! Listen to this song!!

As Long As You’re Looking Back

Toning down a bit… This is a song for people who have had a bad life experience… No matter what it will be okay! Just look forward to the life ahead of you!


Now, this is a nice smooth love song! I just love how jazzy it is. One of the many different beats of Gary. (Yes we are on a first name basis, he’s practically my boyfriend you know!)

I Can Love You

I so love this song! It is about someone who has had a bad experience with love and somebody let them down. The new love they found is real and doesn’t ignore what has happened in the past and promises to step up to the plate and love them. B-E-A- UTIFUL!

Kiss Me When I’m Down

Kiss me when I’m down… This is kind of a complicated song, hopefully I’m not the only one who has been in a comfortable relationship, where you know it’s no good and it’s not going any where and yet you keep going back… That what this song talks about.

Like It’s A Bad Thing

Do people ever tell you “You are living too fast!” or “You really live life on the edge!”? You think to yourself, “Why do they keep saying this like it’s a bad thing?” This is your song! It’s a great reminder to life live the way you want!

No Worries

This song also cuts the typical Gary Allan mold…It’s kind of a Jamacian-loosey-goosey-no-hurry-feel. You know, a steel drums type situation! I like it as a summer song but the message works all year round!

Trying To Matter

This song talks about how hard we try to matter to random people, when we really should try to matter to the ones who matter most to us.


Please Come Home For Christmas

As we near the holiday season, radio stations will start to tirelessly play those happy go lucky, cheesy, over played christmas songs! If your looking to play something a little different or if you are missing someone this holiday season this is your song! It’s rugged, rough around the edges and just plain sexy!



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