Top 10 Things You Have When…YOU GOT DA FUNK!

Triple Ew.

Here we go!

10.  Not even listening to Snoop Dogg will make you feel better. (I could be on my death bed, and Snoop would make me feel better.)

9.  You are tired of making embarrassing store purchases from isle 8. (Anti-Diarrhea)

8.  You don’t even care that you are drooling all over the couch. (Don’t worry, I clorox wiped it!)



7.  You are tired of playing the butt trumpet.  (Insert trumpet sound here…BJT)

6.  Your tupperware bowls aren’t being used to store leftovers. (Poor baby.)

Double Ew.
Double Ew.


5.  No more NACHOS! (This is kind of a big deal for me.)

4.  You are picking out the inside and outside colors of your casket.  (FYI ~ I want black with chrome accents on the outside, and hot pink inside.)

3.  The thought of drinking one more tablespoon of Pepto Bismol makes you gag. (I just puked a little in my mouth, and I’m not even sick.)

2.  You feel very Gar”funk”elly. (Like a bridge over troubled water.)

1.  You don’t want to talk about the lips and assholes that you ate for lunch. Compliments of Oscar Mayer.  They taste about as good coming back up as they did going down.   (I don’t have the funk yet, so I can still talk about them.)

Triple Ew.
Triple Ew.




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