Watch this!

Be be be My BFF

Cause IDK what’s coming next

And I’ll be LMHO with the rest



Did you catch any of that?  If you have a tween in the house, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you don’t, let me explain.  No, let me sum up.  Tonight I am going to introduce you to my BFF.  Her name is Gina.




I have known Gina for a very long time.  She is my friend.  She is someone I can blame stuff on.  She is awesome!

Urban dictionary says this:

the most common of which is : Best Friends Forever

In order to qualify for the second F in BFF, a friend has to be something extra special. You know, the kind of person who will surprise you with heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.  That is

something Gina does.  Let’s look back at some famous BFF’s.

1.  Lilo and Stitch

Sometimes it takes a friend, or alien with a big personality to make you realize that who you are is just fine. Ever heard that expression “march to your own beat”?  I think that a true BFF is one who hears the same beat and dances to it in their own way.  Gina has two tons of personality.  She even can make me laugh on occasion.

2.  Timon and Pumba

Any problem can be made easier when you mix in a good spirit with a Hakuna Matata attitude. You could say that these two have spirit in spades. And, if you did say that, you’d be right. Spirit comes in handy for fun and for moments in which what your friendship really needs is for you to distract an enemy by dressing in drag and doing the hula. #JustSaying #GinaGetsIt

3.   Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio

Don’t  we wish Jiminy Cricket were available for our advice needs. It’s because sometimes we all need somebody to steer us in the right direction. Pet peeve # 847,072 – when someone asks for advice, then does nothing about fixing the problem.  Seriously, who does that?  Quit wasting my time, and Gina’s time.

4.  Mike and Sulley

Teamwork makes for a scary awesome best friend situation. These two are the duo to beat because together their talents are that much better. Even their colors work in perfect harmony!  Put Gina and I in the same room together?  Shit is going to get real…..real quick!

5.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In this case, there are two personalities within Dr Jekyll, one apparently good and the other evil.  I would like to think that I am the good one, and Gina is evil.  She would probably say differently.

My point is this….everyone wants to be loved.  Everyone wants to have their BFF by their side.  Everyone wants a movie made about them. Everyone wants someone to be awesome with.


I’m lucky enough to have found my BFF.  Tell me about yours! 🙂


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