What’s For Dinner?


I am definitely tired of the same old routine.

It seems like we have a few favorites, over….and over…..and over again.  I need some EASY, yummy, kid-friendly dinner ideas.  Here are a list of our top ten dinners.

1.  SLOPPY JOES – boring!  This is actually what we are having tonight.  Don’t forget the baked beans, and the chips and dip. Oh, and you must sing the “Sloppy Joe” song while you eat them.



2.  SPAGHETTI – my “go to” in a pinch!  I was raised on this stuff.  When I was little, I swore I would never ever make my family eat spaghetti.  I lied….x100.




3.  TACOS or TACO SALAD – I have a deep dark secret about taco salad.  When I was in 5th or 6th grade, my Mom would take my sister and I to the eatery of K-mart in Orem, Utah, and we would eat the best taco salad ever.  I bet we went there at least two or three times a month.  Yep.  K-mart!  Also, a fun way to do this is to make “tacos in a bag.”  Just get the little snack bags of Doritos, and add everything to the bag.  Quick, easy, yummy!




4.  SHEPARD’S PIE – comfort food!  I don’t care how sick you are or if you just had a baby.  This dish makes everything better.  Hands down.  Serve with a slice of homemade bread and lots of butter, and it’s almost like your eating at Ma’s house….almost!



5.  Eat It and Shut Up – this is what I cook when I don’t want to hear any fuss from the girls.  They actually really like it.  Me….not so much.  Also known as tuna fish over wide noodles.



6.  PIZZA – this is usually our Monday night meal, or Thursday night meal.  Especially during football season. ­čÖé My favorite kind, bbq chicken with jalape├▒os.



7.  VEGETABLE SOUP – once again….one of the girls favorites.  Don’t forget to add lots of ketchup!



8.  ROAST BEEF – this is another one of my favorites!  Add a bottle of Cheerwine and an envelope of onion soup mix and let the crock pot do it’s thing!  YUM!!



9.  HAWAIIAN HAYSTACKS – there is a lot of prep that goes into these.  So be prepared!  Almost worth it though.  haha.



10.  PORK CHOPS – I have yet to cook a perfect, tender chop.  It’s like a pebble in my shoe.  One day…I will get the the bloddy, damn thing right!



Help me get out of a rut!  What are some of your favorite dinners?  PLEASE… SHARE your recipes.





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